Fine Art Collection

Passages has an extensive inventory of original artwork for sale offered far below market value. Our art as been acquired on the secondary market thereby eliminating the expense of at least doubling the wholesale price to cover the costs of the gallery and the original artists. These artworks include many of the best known “brand” names of the art world, including the Group of Seven and their contemporaries along with many international artists. Each one of our pieces is by artists whose reputation has already been established and have stood the test of time. Properly purchased artwork can be a great long term investment that tends to hold its value over time. We offer private showings and consultation along with very flexible payments terms, rental and lease to own.   


Armington, Caroline  Joy, John
Armstrong, Geoffrey Kantaroff, Maryon
Armstrong, William Lefkovitz, Sylvia
Andrew, Simon Letendre, Rita
Bolduc, David Lemieux, Clement
Bouchet MacBean, Doug
Caiserman-Roth, Gita McCarthy, Doris
Clave, Antoni Moreau, Auguste
Conkey, Samuel Morrisseau, Norval
Constantineau, Fleur Morissey, Patricia
Cote, Bruno Muller, George
Danby, Ken Pagano, Aurora
Douglas, Stan Poitras, Jane Ash
Faulkner, Phillipa Rayner, Gordon
Forrestall, Tom de Vany Reid, Jack
Fournier, Alexandre Paul Roberts, William Griffin
Fraser, Bob Roig, Pablo
Glibert, L. Saanit, J
Harpines, Henri Joseph Soots, Lem
Henry, C. Smith, Gordon
Hodgson, Tom Staples, Owen
Howard, Bob Tatossian, Armand
Howard, Ian Thibault, Christian
Houston, Donald Mackay Ward, Martin Theodore
Houston, William S. Ward, Martin Theodore
Hunt, Dora de Petry Ward, Frances
Hunt, Dora de Petry Warren, E.W.
Jopling, Joseph Warren-Warren, J.R.
  Wertheeimer, Esther
  Zefara, Ronald